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 Do you need reliable air conditioning services for your Cheney, WA home? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Cougar Heating and Air Conditioning. For more than two decades, residents of the region have counted on us for thorough, long-lasting cooling solutions and top-tier customer service. Our friendly technicians are licensed, insured, and trained to handle any AC services you may need done, including maintenance, repairs, and installations. Our team can work on all makes and models of cooling systems, and we take pride in doing every job right the first time. When the summer heat arrives in Washington, you’ll need your air conditioner to be operating at peak performance, and we’d love to help you make that a reality.

Dependable AC Repair

Sometimes, even if you’re consistently diligent about caring for your air conditioner, equipment problems will arise. When something goes wrong with your AC unit during the hottest time of the year, what’s most important is that you get the issue addressed as promptly as possible. If you give us a call and schedule an appointment with our team, we’ll send one of our expert technicians out to take a look at your cooling system. They’ll be equipped to diagnose the ailment and figure out a solution that permanently eliminates the problem.

When you’re leaning heavily on your AC unit for comfort, the odds of a malfunction or breakdown will rise. However, these issues can take a variety of different forms. Fortunately, though, our professionals at Cougar Heating and Air Conditioning have the knowledge and experience to handle just about any problem that comes up with your cooling unit. Listed below are some of the issues that our team can repair for you.

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  • Loud noises
  • Strange odors
  • Leaking water
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Struggling to start up
  • Blowing hot air
  • Cycling issues

Deciding When To Replace Your Air Conditioner

It can be hard to part with an appliance that has served you well for many years. However, your household air conditioner will only remain effective and efficient for so long before the time comes to replace it. On average, AC units will last for between 10 and 15 years, but depending on how well an appliance is cared for and other variables, the lifespan can potentially be several years longer or shorter.

The older your AC unit gets, the more important it becomes to be diligent about its overall condition. Once the system starts to decline, it can have negative effects on your comfort and finances until you pull the trigger on purchasing a replacement unit. However, if you notice the warning signs early, you can upgrade to a brand-new air conditioner as soon as your aging one starts to deteriorate. These are some of the red flags you should be on the lookout for if your cooling system is more than 10 years old:

  • Declining cooling performance
  • Energy bills rising significantly
  • Trouble keeping household humidity in check
  • Equipment needing regular repairs
  • Unusually poor indoor air quality

When you’re ready to move on from your air conditioner, we’ll be available to take care of the replacement process for you. Based on your family’s needs and the specifics of your household, we can assist you in choosing the perfect cooling unit for your home. Then, our technicians will install it for you in a timely manner.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

If you want your home’s air conditioner to be at its best when you need it the most, it’s imperative that you schedule regular maintenance. By having your AC unit serviced every year, you can keep it running smoothly and improve its health, performance, and efficiency in the long run. During an AC tune-up, your hired technician will thoroughly examine your cooling system to check the condition of its components, search for any mechanical issues, and discover any beneficial adjustments that can be made. In many cases, this inspection will uncover impending problems, allowing homeowners to have them fixed before they become more serious.

So, why is AC maintenance worth scheduling every year? Put simply, it’s an affordable service, and it can provide you with all of the following benefits.

  • More effective cooling
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Longer appliance life expectancy
  • Fewer mechanical problems
  • Cleaner indoor air

Trustworthy Cooling Professionals

You’ll always receive exceptional service when you trust Cougar Heating and Air Conditioning for your cooling needs. Because your comfort and well-being are so important to us, we’ll go above and beyond to provide you with high-quality work and tremendous customer service. Our team approaches every cooling project like it’s the most important job imaginable, and we’ll communicate with you throughout the service to ensure that your needs are being met. Our technicians are punctual, respectful, and understanding, and they don’t call it a day until the task has been completed properly. If you need professional air conditioning services, simply give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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