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At Cougar Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we offer dependable propane heater repair and installation for the greater Spokane, WA area. When the winter months arrive, we know that the weather in eastern Washington can get really chilly. And since the last thing we want is for your family to be stuck in a cold home, we’ll do all we can to ensure that your heating system is able to do its job effectively. Our skilled technicians at Cougar have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with propane heaters, and they’ll be able to handle your needed repair or installation project promptly and correctly.

Benefits of Propane Heaters

If you’re constructing a new home or considering switching to a new type of heating system, it’s definitely worth considering a propane-powered heater. While every household is different, propane heating systems can provide several significant benefits.

Effective Heating – Propane heaters are highly regarded for their overall effectiveness when it comes to providing warmth. When compared to most heat pumps, furnaces that use propane typically produce significantly warmer air, which can make a big difference during the freezing Spokane winter.

Eco-Friendly – If keeping your heating system environmentally friendly is a priority for you, then a propane heater is a great choice. Generally, propane is believed to be a cleaner fuel source than natural gas, meaning that choosing one of these units can reduce your carbon footprint.

Long Lifespan – Overall, there are several factors that determine how long a heating system will remain healthy and productive. However, propane-burning heaters have been known to have longer lifespans than some other types of heating appliances.

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Does Your Propane Heater Need Repairs?

It’s always frustrating when your household heating system is having problems. However, if the appliance is still relatively young, it shouldn’t be cause to have it replaced. In most cases, our expert team at Cougar should be able to diagnose the issue and get the system fully repaired. However, if you want to prevent the problem from becoming a serious hassle and financial burden, you’ll need to get it addressed as quickly as possible. Usually, getting an equipment issue with your propane heater fixed early on will help you save quite a bit of money and frustration.

As a homeowner, it’s important that you know the warning signs that your propane heater is under the weather. That way, you can shut off the system, give Cougar a call, and get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. If you start noticing one or more of the following red flags, it’s likely that your heater needs professional repairs.

  • Poor or inconsistent heating performance
  • Monthly electricity bills rising inexplicably
  • Heater making strange noises
  • Heater producing unusual odors
  • Heater having trouble starting up
  • Heater cycling constantly

Every one of our trained technicians at Cougar knows propane heaters like the back of their hand. When you schedule an appointment, they’ll get to the bottom of whatever issue you’re having and figure out the best possible solution.

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Should You Replace Your Propane Heater?

 Propane heaters tend to have long lifespans, and if you take good care of yours, that will help it last as long as possible. However, no appliance lasts forever, and you’ll eventually need to consider replacing your aging heating system with a new unit. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to invest in a brand-new heater?

If you’ve had your propane heater for less than 10 years and it starts having problems, it probably makes the most sense to simply have it repaired. However, if the system is older than that, it may no longer be cost-effective to spend significant amounts of money on repairs. When an old heater starts to decline, it will most likely continue to get worse until you have it replaced. At that point, it’s usually a wiser financial decision to purchase a new heater.

At Cougar, we’re always available to help you with the process of replacing your propane heater. For one, we can inspect your current system and help you determine if it’s a prudent time to replace it. Then, we can recommend new heaters that will be able to satisfy your specific household needs. Finally, once you’ve decided on a new propane-burning heater, our skilled technicians will get it installed in your home as quickly as possible. We don’t want you and your family to be without heat any longer than necessary, so we won’t waste any time getting the project finished.

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For many years, we at Cougar Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing have been providing top-tier heating services to residents of the Spokane area. We believe in integrity, exceptional customer service, and dependable work. Whatever your heating needs may be, you can count on our knowledgeable and experienced team to handle them. Give us a call at Cougar today if you’d like to schedule an appointment!

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