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What is an air handler?


An air handler unit or an (AHU) is sometimes called an electric furnace. This will be the part of your air conditioning system that holds the blower fan and distributes the air through your house. This unit will keep your heat strips which will be the backup heat to your heat pump, and it will hold your indoor coil or evaporator coil, which is what the air passes through to have the heat removed and cool the air going into your home.

Common problems of air handlers


There are multiple problems that air handlers will commonly have. The functionality of your air handler is going to be based on how well you maintain it and how clean it stays. If you have pets in your home, you will need to keep your indoor air quality better than people who do not have animals.

  • Clogged fans can cause airflow problems, affect the refrigerant pressures in your air conditioner, cause your system to begin freezing up, and more. A clogged fan is much more than just a clogged fan.
  • Mold growth is possible when your air conditioner is not pulling enough moisture out of the air or if your home has experienced water damage and the resulting mold has spread. This situation needs to be dealt with immediately because if left unattended, the mold spores will be blown through your home and can cause many more problems.
  • And aging is another problem. As air handlers begin to get to the end of their lives, they will have more and more problems. The wiring will become brittle, the heating elements will get weak, your coil can start to wear out, and your fan housing can begin to become loose.
  • Rusting components can be a real issue. Your indoor coil will almost constantly have water running down it while in use. As the coil ages, the copper will rust, which will eventually lead to the rust developing into a hole in which your refrigerant will leak out.

Benefits of How do you know when you need a new air handler?

  • When your indoor unit begins to have problems regularly, it may be time to replace it. Or, if you realize that the unit is over ten years old, it may also be time for a replacement. Air handlers only have a life expectancy of 10 years, so anything over that is beyond what is expected.
  • If you notice that your unit is no longer cooling the way it used to or doesn’t blow as hard as it used to. If you begin to see that the cabinet of your indoor unit has excessive rust on it. This may also be a sign that you should replace the unit. Excessive rust on the outside will mean moisture on the inside, which could mean your coil is rusting, and the humidity inside might allow mold growth.
  • Higher energy bills are also a telltale sign that you may need to replace your unit. If your utility bills jump suddenly, then a malfunctioning air handler may cause it, and that may mean that it is time to let your current air handler go and get a brand new one with a long-term warranty.
  • Suppose you notice that your unit is freezing up regularly. It is not uncommon for this to happen occasionally due to a problem. Still, if a service technician continues to fix the problem or has improved the situation in the past, it may be a sign that you need to consider purchasing a new unit.

Let a Professional Help You


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